Upgrading crdroid on my LG G2 means wiping cache, data, system, thus effectively doing factory reset every time.

Prior to upgrade:

  • Check SMS are backed up
  • Check enough battery
  • Check correct firmware has been downloaded from xda-developers thread
  • Download latest gapps, preferably pico variant

After the upgrade:

  • Configure WiFi, login to Google and restore settings from the cloud
  • Configure launcher appearance and behaviour: big icons without labels, search enabled, compact view, vertical fast scroller etc
  • Configure screen settings: rotation and LiveDisplay
  • Configure alarm clock
  • Wait until applications are installed from the Google Play
  • Connect SMS Backup + to Google account
  • Disable stock applications like mail, calendar and web browser
  • Configure cLock’s calendar to show upcoming events
  • Enable Google Messaging as SMS application
  • Login and authorize instant messaging applications
  • Turn on bluetooth and pair it with whatever.

This page may be updated in the future.